Wilkins Farming Ltd.

Celebrating over 40 Years of Farming



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About Us

In 1974 Ray & Pam Wilkins started a farming partnership. This has now evolved to Wilkins Farming Ltd, a family based operation in Northern Southland. WFL have a wide range of enterprises within their farming operation and take advantage of modern technology to help achieve their aims. WFL is a discerning agri-producer looking to build on strong existing relationships while creating new ones across the supply chain in both livestock and cropping.

WFL are one of the largest crop growers in New Zealand, specialising in small seeds, straw, grain and brassicas. This produce is grown to supply merchants, mills or direct to livestock farmers.

WFL proudly produce high quality pasture-finished lamb, wool, venison, velvet, beef & dairy produce.  This is supplied to world markets on a year-round basis through strong relationships with various exporters. WFL also take pride in the genetic progress they are achieving and supplying to the breeding market.

WFL has invested in land ownership. The investment continues in management of both their own properties and leased farms across Northern Southland.

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