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Herd Sires



Our aim is to produce high growth rate progeny from an efficient maternal weight hind through the use of the latest technology and best genetics available at the time.

Originally Sharrow Farm (now known as Wilkins Farming Ltd) supplied large numbers of hinds in the pioneering days of deer farming for corporations such as Eastern Deer Corporation in the Hawkes Bay and Land Corp through out the South Island along with smaller Southland based operations.

Deer breeding has spanned over Four decades now. Wilkins Farming has been breeding for velvet and body weight from various European bloodlines. Bloodlines bought from Rob Brookes, based mainly on King Richard from Festl bloodlines Germany. These genetics have been carried on through the mid 90’s with Blue 13 who is a son of King Richard and also through Red 7, a grandson of King Richard.

King Richard was a recognised champion sire and was owned by Rob Brookes on his Ladyson farm in England. There seems to have been a universal agreement on the merit of this stag that has produced hard antler weights up to 14.2kgs with his body weight around 320kgs in his prime. King Richard’s temperament was outstanding.

Along with these German genetics we have been crossed Hungarian blood at Wilkins Farming with a son of Kapos called Fredrich whose velvet and body weights speak for themselves and the progeny he left were certainly eye catching. Fredrich has been mated to selective hinds since being at Wilkins Farming, from various well-known bloodlines from German, Hungarian, Danish, Furzeland to Woburn & Warham. As well as cross breeding we have maintained some pure German and Eastern bloodlines.

Since 2001 artificial insemination (AI) has been a big part of introducing new genetics to our herd. On the back of AI since 2004 we have been using embryo transfer (ET) to help speed up the multiplication of the animals, controlling breeding for specific traits. We have also Breed and purchased top sires for venison growth and maternal traits. This includes a Maxamilian son (Named Megamilian) who has a current breeding value (BV) for 12 month growth rate of 21.1 on the most recent Deer select standings. This stag who is profiled in this catalogue not only has the figures but also has an outstanding temperament and a very solid body conformation.

As well as the recorded stock we have been continuously striving to breed European red deer for trophy/velvet and growth rate for large-scale commercial use.

Breed values and DNA profiles

Through recording it is easier to mate the right hind to the right stag for specific goals. We are currently establishing Breed values and DNA profiles of our animals to enhance the accuracy of our monitoring.

Our main focus is breeding an animal that will be an efficient breeder of venison. To do this you need to have the right genetics and feed.

Approximately 90 % of our herd has a breeding focus on the following five principles:

  1. A Red hind herd should have an average adult body weight of 110 to 120 kgs, creating satisfactory breeding efficiency.
  2. Once this has been achieved you are on the front foot to getting this progeny to the high value early spring market. To achieve this market it is also important to select on the growth rate from weaning to 100kgs.
  3. High carcass yield and high value meat cuts, breeding a higher value animal.
  4. Temperament, fertility and calving date all play a part in having a successful breeding programme.
  5. Strong velvet and trophy genetic base means these stags will still perform well beyond the venison market. The balance of our herd is still selected especially to breed trophy deer that are velveted until they reach their breeding potential. Then trophy value is realised, adding residual value to the sire when it comes to the end of its breeding worth.

We are using a wide range of genetics to achieve these goals, enabling us to have a large number of options for cross breeding. The genetics being sourced, we believe, are the best available in the world that we can access for the specific traits we are breeding for.

Wilkins Farming have kept pure German (Festl), Hungarian and latterly Romanian, as well as Eastern European bloodlines. Alongside this we are breeding European composite stags for the market.

In relation to point 3 we are developing useful information, since 2003 we have been on farm measuring of carcass loin for meat quality traits. With the help of our support team we have developed some methods that we are accurately testing eye muscle area (EMA) of a live deer. We have also made use of the Vio-scan services for meat yield at Invermay in Mosgiel, to add value to our breeding programme to further enhance carcass value.


Wilkins Farming breeds and finishes a large number of animals specifically for venison which is sold through their alliances with New Zealand processing and marketing companies for local and export markets.

Progress and development within their venison herds is carefully controlled as can be seen by the very specific direction that Wilkins Farming follow. As can also be seen here with their use of Ultrasound and CT Scan technologies with Abacus Bio.

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Wilkins Farming Herd Sires

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Wilkins Farming are able to offer a full range of both live herd sires or semen for your herd breeding improvements. We can help you with your choice of stag and have a wide range of semen available from current and historical herd sires as listed.

Annually we have only a limited range of herd sires available and would suggest contacting us early so we can help research or select the correct stag for your breeding objectives whatever they may be.

Eastern Sires

These are sires that have either formed the foundation or have been bred from what was formerly known as “Stanfield Eastern European Red Deer Stud” established by Clive and Elsie Jermy.

These deer are of Eastern European descent, bred for large bodies, high growth rates and long wide antlers.

Heinrich VI
Maximilian II

European Sires

This is a composite breed of red deer that could consist of any European strain or mix (Eastern, German, English etc) but selected primarily for venison production traits.

WF 572
144 Orange

English/German Sires

This group have only been bred from deer with origins going back to either German or English parks. The sires used in this programme have been selected for both venison and velvet/antler production.

Mighty Image
Rock Me
AR 224
Fov 1127

North Island | Hawkes Bay Sires

Wilkins Farming are now able to offer a full range of both live herd sires or semen for your herd breeding improvements from our north Island joint venture based in the Hawkes Bay. We can help you with your choice and have a wide range of sires available. Annually we have only a limited range of herd sires available and would suggest early booking for purchase of these top quality high performing stags.