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Wilkins Farming venison is farm-raised produced from Red Deer captured from wilderness locations in the Southern Alps and foothills of New Zealand in the 1970’s. 

New Zealand deer are raised in spectacular surroundings with fresh-flowing rivers, abundant pastures and ample sunshine, where farming practices are clean and free of hormones.

The high level of attention to detail in breeding and farm management emphasis the importance of selection for improving meat yield and quality.

In this environment lean and tender venison is created.

When cooked to perfection,Wilkins farming  venison is extra lean and tender with a unique and delicate flavour.

Its naturally higher in iron and lower in fat and cholesterol than any other meat making it one of the healthiest to choose from.

New Zealand Red Deer venison delivers a succulent taste experience chosen by the world’s most elite restaurants.

Wilkins farming venison is your healthy dining choice.